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The Easter Egg Farm

This charming story is about as magical as they come!
I knew I had to share it with you!
Now listen, the cover is not the cutest thing, but the story and the illustrations are so amazing!
 I look forward to reading this book every single year,
and I am pretty sure you are going to love it too!!!

Pauline is a sweet little chicken who cannot lay eggs, and the other hens know it.  So does Mrs. Pennywort. She owns the farm, and she is not happy with our little Pauline! But, in a sweet little twist, Pauline actually can lay eggs if she concentrates really hard.  Something magical happens when she concentrates! Can you see the magic of her eggs by looking closely at the picture below?


That's right!
Pauline lays an egg that looks exactly like the thing she is concentrating on!
Mrs. Pennywort is so in love with Pauline and her stunning eggs, that she brings 
Pauline inside the house to live with her.  Mrs. Pennywort displays Pauline's eggs with pride! She likes to put them on the sunny side of the house...
Can you see where this is going?


Now, since these eggs are not ordinary eggs,
you can bet the farm that the chicks are not ordinary either! 


This is a delightful tale full of problems! 
Children love to find solutions and be surprised by how the character solves her problems!
 The book also leads perfectly into a darling project 
where the kids can create their own egg and chick!

Check out this chick below. Crazy right!


Imagine the chicks your students could dream up!


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To download the freebies to do the activity, please click

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